Berichte aus dem Schuljahr 2021/22

Cooking at school

Im Juni beschlossen wir, gemeinsam zu kochen, da während des gesamten Schuljahres aufgrund der Corona-Situation keine Aktivitäten möglich waren. Die Themen food, healthy eating, eating habits  in verschiedenen Ländern waren Teil des Lehrstoffes der fünften Klasse, daher passte dieses Projekt als Auflockerung und Abschluss eines seltsames Jahres. Dazu folgt der Bericht eines Schülers sowie Fotos der Hobbyköche.


To: Mrs. Mellitzer

From: Fabian Heinricher

Subject: Cooking at school


As requested, I have written this report to present information on the cooking my class and I did to finish this quiet strange school year.


At first, we had to plan what we wanted to cook and decided to do one starter, two main courses and one dessert. The starter was tomato soup, the main courses pasta and hamburger and the dessert waffles.


Before we were able to cook the organization had to be done. We only had to deal with the payment, since our teacher Mrs. Mellitzer was as kind as to talk to the headmaster and inform the caretaker so we could use the school-kitchen trouble-free. After the cooking we had to clean up, however that was not a problem at all because we just had to rinse the crockery a little bit and put it into the dishwasher later on. We used the festival room to eat and so we had everything we required.


Of course, the tomato soup group started cooking, also at the same time the pasta group (which was my group) started boiling their water and the burger group was baking their bread. Since the kitchen is small, the burger group had to wait until the pasta group had finished to start roasting their meat. After everyone had eaten the main course the waffle group started making the dessert.


I would say that the cooking was very successful, and it was a lot of fun, not only that the food was good, but also our group experience was exciting. Sadly, our water was not salted properly and so the spaghetti did taste a bit weird, anyway it was great fun and my class and I can really recommend it.