Berichte aus dem Schuljahr 2021/22

An adventurous theater workshop with David Taylor and Alice in Wonderland


Marie Rohracher, 6b

After a break due to Covid 19, it was finally possible to bring David Taylor back to our school. He is an internationally renowned actor and director. When our English teacher, Mrs. Mellitzer, told us that we were going to do a theater workshop with him we were very excited. Knowing that we would be playing “Alice in Wonderland”, made us even happier.

The first steps

We started by reading the script, which David gave to us, in our English lessons multiple times. When we all had a good insight into the play, we began to distribute the roles and soon everybody had a part they liked. After we had gone through it a few more times and designed posters to create a colorful and imaginative background for the stage, the first day of the actual workshop finally arrived.


The workshop

On Thursday, 31st of April, we were able to work with David himself for the first time. He is an extremely talented actor who brings a lot of experience with him. As most of us have never taken part in any kind of acting, his expertise helped to make this workshop a thrilling experience. David had his own vision of “Alice in Wonderland” in mind, and we tried to do our best to fulfill his expectations. After a six-hours-day we were exhausted but excited for the next day, as we were going to start filming the scenes.

However, something unexpected happened. When we met in the morning, Mrs. Mellitzer told us that David unfortunately could not help us, as he got down with a disease. Consequently, we now were on our own. We gave everything, and not least because of David’s great advice from the day before we managed to shoot an amazing video.

At this time we just got two new students from the Ukraine in our class and the workshop was a great possibility to get to know each other better. It was a fantastic experience for us all:

Emma Tagger (Tweedledee): I really enjoyed the workshop, because when I was younger, I’ve always wanted to go into acting, but I’ve lost that interest over the years, since I never had the opportunity to try it out. To be honest, at the beginning it was more difficult than I thought it would be, but after some time it got easier. All in all, the workshop was a lot of fun for me, as it also was a good change from normal lessons.

Sofiia Shunevych (Card): It was really interesting to see how the whole class became one team and worked in order to achieve one goal. Each person was dedicated to the process of filming, and it made this video so fantastic. As a new person in this class, it was a great way to get acquainted with everybody.

Clemens Stocker (King): Looking back on our English theater project, I think no one of us would have expected it to turn out the way it did. At first, we were all hyped for the workshop, but we were soon shocked by the amount of work waiting for us. Due to David’s medical reason, we had to keep on our own but no matter the circumstances I think all of us did a great job and especially the filming turned out to be a whole lot of fun. Definitely an amazing experience, which we will remember for a long time.